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Maintenance instructions and advice on using Design2Chill’s products:

We highly recommend to clean your furniture regularly  (1 or 2 times a year) in order to improve the life expectancy of y our purchase. Furthermore, we strongly recommend you use the specially designed Sunbrella impregnation spray, available at your dealer, once a year after cleaning your furniture.

In module systems one should always place the modules at least 1cm apart in order to let any rainwater drain properly from your furniture. It also prevents any possible residue on the sides of the modules. Furthermore, it is recommended that the furniture should not be placed tightly against a wall or fence or other similar obstacles in order to optimize drainage and drying up of the lounge sofas. Finally, it is better not to place the furniture upside down when it rains because then the water cannot flow out of the furniture.

Should there be a stain on your sofa you can easily remove the stain before it soaks in. This can be done by simply vacuuming the dirt off or wiping it off with a clean, damp cloth. Moisture stains must first be absorbed with a paper towel or a clean towel. Then, always rinse with clean water and dry with a clean cloth/towel. Stains of all kinds must be removed ASAP to prevent the stain from soaking in the fabric. Most stains can be removed by treating them with hot water. Then dry with a clean dry cloth. For stubborn stains we recommend the cleaner especially developed by Sunbrella, available for purchase at your dealer.

You spray the cleaner on the stain and leave it for 30 seconds to soak in. Then you can remove the stain with warm water and a clean, damp sponge. It is important that you carefully rinse with water after using the cleaner in order to clear all soap residues. Sunscreens and oils are difficult or even impossible to remove from the furniture, please beware of this during the use of the furniture. It is best to put a towel on the sofa during use when applying sunscreen and oils.

To make sure your Design2Chill products stay in perfect condition, we recommend you to use our protection covers. Remove the covers when the weather allows you to and let your Design2Chill product ventilate for about 30 minutes, even in the winter period when you don’t use your furniture.

Decorative pillows:

The decorative pillows are able to handle a rain shower, but they are not waterproof. We advise you to take the pillows inside during bad weather periods.

Stainless Steel:

We recommend that the stainless steel parts are cleaned and impregnated with a stainless steel cleaner/impregnation spray before Winter, to prevent dirt getting into the moving parts ( Sunbeam/Sunlounger/Twist) and to protect the surface. The right stainless steel product can be found at your local Design2Chill dealer or at our Sales office in Druten.